Where we started, what we do and where we’re going…

EG  (Emsco Group), originally the THEO J. ELY company, was founded in 1861. The company's original product lines consisted of wooden mop buckets, mop handles, carpet beaters, crosscut saw handles, cow pokes, and buggy whips - all considered cutting edge in the mid 1800's. Theo's guiding thought was solving problems by producing and selling innovative and functional products - always keeping quality and customer service in the forefront of his thinking. Today, EG’s corporate statement mirrors that of the founder and is expressed best in the corporate motto:  innovation, function, quality, and service!

We have changed quite a bit since the 1800's by broadening our product offering and expanding into new markets. Over time, EG has maintained a position of outstanding quality and customer satisfaction, which has contributed to the company's growth over the past 150+ years. EG currently manufactures and markets over 16 product lines:


 Vertically integrated,
 Globally connected.


  Spring and Summer

·        City Pickers – Unconventional, compact, mobile grow boxes and accessories

·        Rescue Rain Water Collection Systems – Environmentally responsible rain conservation products

·        Bloomers – Uncommon floral planters

·        Elegant Lawn & Garden Accents – Designer lawn edging, fencing, pavers, architectural landscape rocks and             statuary

·        Cavex – Lawn and garden tools

·        FCP – Functional children’s lawn, garden, and cleaning tools

·        EMSCO Sports Products (ESP) – Recreational kayaks and paddles

·        ESP – Disc Golf sets and accessories

 Winter Products

·        Bigfoot Snow Tools – Snow shovels, ice scrapers, and brushes

·        ESP – Sleds, children’s snowboards, and snow toys

·        Quick Stands – Christmas tree stands

 Cleaning Products

·        Tidee American – Household cleaning aids

·        ECP – Commercial cleaning products

·        Rhino – Inmate-safe correctional cleaning products

 Plastic Furniture

·        Tidee Classics – Plastic household furniture and storage products 

·        Home and Dorm Essentials – Modular dorm/apartment furniture and accessories


Our headquarters, manufacturing and distribution facilities in Girard, Pa are centrally located for efficient shipping both across the country and the globe, while our sales and marketing force spans North America and the world.

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