Emsco-Erie Inc.

Power Lift Snow Thrower
Item #1397

  • The new Snow Thrower is a radically new concept in snow-tool design and development.
  • Snow Thrower is completely adjustable to the user. The easy-to-use screw collar adjusts to the height of the person, while the front handle adjusts to the user's arm length and position,this creates the ultimate in comfort.
  • The shovel mechanism allows a person to lift snow and release it without bending. A simple twist of the wrist easily releases the snow.
  • The Bigfoot Snow Thrower is shipped in an attractive shipper/display head carton. The coordinated labeling explains and sells the features of this new innovative product.
0-72358-01397-11397Power Lift Snowthrower631.55.6218.25 × 16.5 X 64.5