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53035 Body Sled

Item: #53035
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Body Sled
The BodySled from EG is the most exciting new sledding product on the market today. Its fast, safe, and fun.
It's safe sledding. You can't fall out of a BodySled. Stopping is a breeze - simply roll to your left or right side and ensure the bottom slide is off the snow. Or, to come to a quick stop, roll all the way over on you stomach.
It's easy to use- simply sit and slide. Hand and foot controls help with guidance. No more carrying or pulling a big bulky sled to the slope or back up the hill. With the BodySled, you're wearing your sled. Simply put the body sled on over your snow suit and off you go!
Mom and Dad will think this is pretty cool too. When you finish your ride simply stand up and walk back up that hill and start the fun over. The BodySled is feather light and easy to walk and maneuver in.
You can get a running start. You can sit and get pushed. You can even get pulled on it like a regular sled with a rope.
It allows you the freedom to do freestyle tricks, moves, spins, and more - things you just can't do with a conventional sled. You can go down in a chain or line of people. You can do anything that you can do on a conventional sled and do it all faster, freer, more comfortably and safer.
  • SEAT: Slick bottom surface for fast, fun sledding.
  • HANDS: Hand controls hep guide your ride.
  • FEET: Foot controls also help guide your ride
  • Adjustable straps secure the seat, hand, and foot pads in place.



10 Lbs.

Cube - feet 1.54

Carton Dimensions - inches  19.5 x 14.75 x 9.25