Emsco-Erie Inc.

Flat Rocks Patio Pavers - SandStone & Natural Slate
Item #2161 2162

  • With FlatRock™ Patio Blocks you can quickly create a patio with a beautiful natural-stone appearance.
  • The uses for this innovative new product are endless.
  • In addition to patios, they are great for barbeque pads, stepping stones, pool pump
    slabs, walkways, grass-to-garden borders, lawn accents and almost anything else you can imagine.
  • Available in smooth natural textures.

UPC #Item #DescriptionColorPackLbsCubeDimensions
0 72358-02161 7216116” x 16” FlatRock™ Patio BlocksSandstone24254.4833.5” x 16.5” x 14”
0 72358-02162 4216216” x 16” FlatRock™ Patio BlocksNatural Slate24254.4833.5” x 16.5” x 14”